WINGSLAND MINIVET Appeared In 1st China-Mongolia Expo
Release Time : 01-06/2016 Views : 1055
  Reported by Tianxia Caijing on 30th of Oct (journalist Jin Jianjun), in the just finished fair between China and Mongolia, the import and export areas expanded from energy to chemicals, equipment manufacturing, cloud computing, trade and logistics, tourism, etc, which meant that the trade between China and Mongolia had transferred to multi from single.

  From this year, the Chinese demands of coal, iron and other commodities decreased seriously. Faced with economic increase speed slowdown and the price of commodities decreased, both of China and Mongolia tried to find a way to expand their trade areas. Sino-Mongolian Fair was a national bilateral hold by China and Mongolia and was the biggest platform for China and Mongolia’s business communications. Lots of Mongolian companies wanted to enter the Chinese market through this exhibition. Mongolian Chamber of Commerce Representative Office in Erlian haote said that the company who exhibited in the fair gained many opportunities:
  More than 400 persons from 230 companies brought featuring meat, alcohol, dairy products, leather, cashmere wool clothes to attended the fair. All the goods were very popular. Mongolian horse meat and bun noodles have signed contracts and subbranch stores would be open in November in Hohhot. 

  This fair promoted the cooperation and communications between two countries’ enterprises. From offline stores to e-commerce. Alibaba, Jingdong and other electricity providers were seeking the way to enter Mongolia market, at the same time, Mongolia suppliers wanted to find partners through this fair. WINGSLAND brought its newest drone to take part in the fair as well.
Lipeng, the founder of Sino-Mongolian cross-border e-commerce named “City Store”, said that the cross-border e-commerce between China and Mongolia has entered to the government, enterprises and people daily life deeply. So whether Mongolian products were sold to China, or Chinese products were sold to Mongolia, both of us would win from it and the market would keep growing.