WINGSLAND Strongly Releases two UAVs, K3 & M5 Cruise CES
Release Time : 01-06/2016 Views : 1977
WINGSLAND Strongly Releases two UAVs, K3 & M5 Cruise CES
  On Jan 6th of USA time, Wingsland take two new drones to 2016 U.S. CES exhibition, model no. are K3 & M5, released in the same period with handle stable Gimbal (Vipro H), Echo SmartBand.
  CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is annual large-scale exhibition in the United States Las Vegas's, which is one of the most popular consumer electronics show with the largest scale and highest level and affect in the world, CES has become the vane of fashion electronic products, electronic products industry and electronic enthusiasts. Based on consumer electronics products, cover communications hardware and other electronic products.
  The highly anticipated this year's CES exhibition, UAV products, while the focus of media attention has focused on the more. UAV is widely used in recent years, with the support of large number of senior players, UAV market increased with geometric type. Represented by Wingsland, batch of mainland technology companies lead the direction of UAV industry, scientific research strength and manufacturing capability have been recognized around the world, drone enterprises from China will catch everybody’s attentions in the CES.


  K3 is a professional aerial photography aircraft, designed for senior players, the way of control, power system and safety ability is outstanding. It can be operated with K3 RC, Echo SmartBand and intelligent ground station control modes, increases the fun of flight. Using the GPS and GLONASS double satellite navigation system, satellite signal is more stable, combining with Wingsland unique positioning algorithm, significantly improve the indoor and outdoor hovering accuracy and also the safety of flight. In addition, thanks to the Wingsland patented fast loading propeller, it not only can help you assemble the propeller quickly, but also can insure you fly the drone safely. At the same time, in order to promote the image quality, K3 employs UHD 4 k high-definition camera, adopt the structure of the patent can lift Gimbal, no dead corner aerial achieve 360 degrees aerial, make the UAV aerial perfectly.
  M5 is the essential aircraft for players’ leisure entertainment and 360 degree panoramic shooting, simple easy to operate is more suitable for novices. Small and refined airframe to realize control the flying easily; adopting automatic feedback technology to avoid obstacles effectively; employing 4K HD video and anti-shake technology to guarantee the high-definition video.
  Wingsland is hold by CN Light, a public company in China. After several rounds of financing, a few years of product development and testing phase, the purpose is to design and manufacture better UAV, and make contributions to the popularity of UAV. The marketing positioning is totally different for these two, coupled with last year's Minivet,   different gear configurations drones’ line have been completed.
  Wingsland’s UAVs are now in the online sales platform in domestic and abroad. These two debut drones, K3, the price is excepted to be between RMB 6999-8999, K5, the price is excepted to be between RMB 2999-3999.