The Wingsland’s New Drone is Heating the Nuremberg Show in Germany
Release Time : 02-01/2016 Views : 1706
  ​On 27th Jan., Spielwarenmesse, the International Toy Fair officially opened in Nuremberg. The Model Zone has attracted world’s leading UAV manufacturers like Wingsland Technology. The fair lasts till 1st, Feb. Since 1949, the International Toy Fair opens very year in Nuremberg, it has been known as one of the biggest, most famous and most influent exhibitions in the world.
  This time, Wingsland will exhibit their newly launched drones-K3,M5 and handheld stabilization gimbal-Vipro H.

  2015 is widely known as the first year of UAV era, in the Spielwarenmesse, the UAV products is still the spot light

  K3 is a professional aerial photographic aircraft, it is especially designed for experienced players. The controller, motive power and safety system are all built in with advanced technology. It could be controlled by both the remote controller and the intelligent wearable controller, making the flight more joyful. It is built in with GPS and GLONASS double satellite navigation system, the satellite signal is more stable. With its patented positioning algorithm,the K3 could hover very precisely in and out of the room, so it is very safe to fly the drone.Besides, the K3 uses its patented fast insert propellers, it makes it easy for mounting, and also protects the propellers from dropping during flight.
  Meanwhile, in order to get better filming quality, K3 uses UHD 4K cameras and the patented liftable gimbal helps to film in 360 degrees.

  In order to reward your attention to us all the time, we have activated a Lottery at Wechat. From 1st Feb., each week we are going to present a Minivet drone, and it lasts for 50 weeks! Just follow us on Wechat, you’ll have the chance to get a Minivet as gift!