Minivet Gimbal Upgrade Instruction
Release Time : 02-29/2016 Views : 3304
  The latest firmware of Gimbal, Camera and Flight Controller has been released. You could visit to download the latest version.
  Some BUGs were improved to promote the flight stability. Please upgrade the firmware according to the instruction.
The following settings of Minivet Gimbal were adjusted:
  1, The defaulted value D of Yaw was adjusted to be 16;
  2, After being upgraded, the fine tuning value will revert to 170. So please store the value before the upgrading and then amend it by GCS.
The following settings of Minivet Flight Controller were adjusted:
  1, The latest hardware version is 101 and firmware version is 102;
  2, The audio switch was deleted;
  3, It will fly straightly when Return-to-Home is applied;
  4, GPS, Accelerometer and Barometer are combined when Return-to-Home is applied;
  5, When aircraft comes back because of low power, the accelerator have to been pushed to the bottom to lock the aircraft;
  6, Control rate of ESC was changed to 500Hz;
  7, Return-to-Home mode will be Forward Direction mode. But when the aircraft is within 5M of the home point, it will change to the Standard mode instead of Return-to-Home mode automatically.
  8, The Return-to-Home speed was changed to 6m/s.