Here are some new features of our latest minivet firmware v105
Release Time : 04-13/2016 Views : 2899
1. Aerial photography mode (switch position: L1-0 + L2-Middle Position)
         Aerial photography mode is a very useful tool which can help you archive that perfect shot.  
Toggle switch L1 to L-0 position and toggle switch L2 to middle position to activate the aerial photography mode. The flying speed of the aircraft in this mode is slower than the standard mode. It will move at a constant speed, so much easier to control, better flying experiences and shooting a smoother video.

2. Home point lock mode (switch position: L2-1)
        If the aircraft not in your line of sight or you cannot recognize aircraft’s orientation, this mode can get you out of a sticky situation.
        Toggle switch L2 to L2-1 position to activate home point lock mode. The two green LED indicators beneath the rear arms of aircraft turns slowly flashing, pull the right pitch stick backward (mode 2) to move the aircraft toward its recorded home point. The aircraft will automatically cancel home point lock mode when it within 5 meters away from the home point. Note: Home point lock mode only works under stabilized mode (L1-middle) and aerial photography mode (L1-0), the flying speed of aircraft in stabilized mode approximately twice faster than the speed in aerial photography mode.

3. Point of interest mode (switch position: L1-0 or L1-middle position + L2-0)
        The two green LED indicators beneath the rear arms of aircraft turns fast flashing indicates activate POI mode. After you activate the POI mode, to pull back (or any direction) on the right stick (mode 2) to move away from the object you are going to be circling, after your aircraft moves you can decide the radius value by keeping moving back until your aircraft is at the outside edge of the circle you’d like to make, then the aircraft will orbit around the object automatically.