4k, VR, drones, IP are the key words in this year NAB show (National Association of Broadcasters)
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       NAB Show, the world’s largest annual conference and expo for professionals who create, manage, and distribute entertainment across all platforms, kicked off in Las Vegas April 18. NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment from creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, with 103,000 attendees (26% from abroad) from over 160 countries and 1,700+ exhibitors (nearly 700 foreign exhibitors). NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways with IP, 4K/HDR and much more.

       NAB Show, held April 18th to 21st, 2016 in Las Vegas, is the world's largest electronic media show covering the creation, management and delivery of content across all platforms. Wingsland will present the latest products K3, M5 and handheld stabilizer Vipro in the show and attendees can come to see our drone performance.
       Nab show time: 2016-04-18 ~ 2016-04-21
       Location: Las Vegas convention center
Wingsland Booth #: c2060DP

4k cinema

IP and 4K broad casting system

       There is a rich selection of 4k products in Panasonic 4K cinema theme area:cinema camera Varicam 35 with excellent and dynamic color restoration, and peripheral devices of latest cinema camera VaricamLT, 4K 2ME model AV-HS6000 switchers production studio, 4K integrated camera AW-UE70, and 4K multi purpose camera.

Drones and VR

       Wingsland latest drones K3 and M5 support 4K video shooting, and M5 VR version will let users immerse in the reality video experiences with one-key video processing, 180 degrees bugeye lens and Wingsland advanced VR software.

Ip transport
       In this year NAB show, Sony brings us the new technology of 4k,ultra HD, storage, HDR and IP transport. For better serve the professionals with powerful application tools and devices, Sony also presents latest integrated cinema camera, invigilator, switchers table, wireless transfer etc for TV programme,  broad casting and live telecast.

Camera system

       Blackmagic Dsign announces the newest operating system for URSA Mini with better UI and lots of new features, also it is free to offer.

       Of course, except all these cool and strange products here, all I want to say is what a truck!