Hobby expo china grand opening, Wingsland M5 and K3 drones got a huge attention
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       Hobby Expo China is a 3 day event being held from 21st April to the 23rd April 2016 at the Beijing Exhibition Centre in Beijing, China. Wingsland brings out the latest products, M5 consumer-level drone, K3 which contains all top drone technologies and handheld stabilizer Vipro in the grand opening day at booth: B44-B52. Also, the new product conference about Wingsland M5 drone will start at 9:30 am – 10:30 am, April 22nd in Beijing exhibition centre building No.11.

       As a professional and important model exhibition in China even in international level, HEC is the best platform making a bridge for international hobby purchaser and supplier and high-qualified professional model products and accessories suppliers. This event showcases products like model aircrafts and space models, model cars, model trains, marine models , scale models, robots and kites, radio control equipment, model engines, electric motors and rockets, fuels, batteries and related apparatus, model construction tools and apparatus, model construction materials etc. in the Franchising & Retailing. There is also a show room just for FPV, UAV consumer-level drones.

       According to reports, thousands of people attends at the first day in this year convention, and Wingsland’s booth attracted lots of visitors to check the new drones. Meanwhile, Wingsland is holding a drone lottery during the 3 convention days, just reply “北京” to Wingsland Wechat, you will get a chance to win a Wingsland Minivet drone. 
people attracted by K3

       K3 is a professional-level aerial photography drone which has strong abilities at control system, power system and security. The built in 6-Axis Electronic Gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, compass and Wingsland advanced algorithms make this aircraft a safe and stable product with remarkable features, such as follow me, head lock, home-point lock, POI, one-key take off and land, automatic return home, low-power protect etc. It also has ultrasonic and optical flew sensor, even to fly indoor without GPS, it can still hover perfectly stable. 

       Furthermore, K3 use GPS+GLONASS Dual Module Positioning System helping indoor hovering more presicely. The automatic temperature compensation helps aircraft works in different degrees and compass intelligent quick-fix helps aircraft stay on its course. The obstacle sensors combine with advanced computer vision helps aircraft fly safely.

       The 4k HD camera on K3 can shot 4K HD video with 30fps with 94 degrees’ low distortion wide-angle lens, image quality is clear and colorful. 3-axis brushless motor gimbal brings camera a stable platform for shooting even in heavy weather. You can control the aircraft by R2 professional remote or smartphone pilot APP.
Wingsland pilot demo flying the K3

  Attendees are listening to K3 technical details
People also show their interests at small aerial UAV

       Despite the gimbal M5 contains all the cool technologies we mention above about the K3, but M5 still can shot perfect 1920*1080 30p aerial video and 13 million pixels photo with anti-shake system.

Three versions M5

       Aerial photography version is easy to achieve the perfect shot with ultrasonic and optical flew sensor.

       Sport version M5 arms made by carbon fiber with its own remote brings you the racing experience

       M5 VR version will let users immerse in the reality video experiences with one-key video processing, 180 degrees bug-eyed lens and Wingsland advanced VR software.
People surprised by Wingsland handheld stabilizer

Vipro-with the passion, capture stabilized shots in the motion

       Vipro is a stabilizer that be developed by wingsland of 5 years’ experiences of gimbal efficient algorithm. It features a motorized three-axis gimbal and 6-Axis Electronic Gyroscope designed to keep your camera level and isolated from shakes and jitters. The gimbal control accuracy is as high as 0.02 degrees, and the highest angular speed is 160 degrees per second. The algorithm for temperature compensation make sure the gimbal can work stably in different temperatures.

       The Clip-on type mount, let your installation within 1 second. The mount will protect your camera from scratches, and there is also a exclusive use mount for GOPRO HERO4 Session you can changed. Precise manufacture with aircraft aluminum, to make smartphones safe and stable. These are the highlights that make Vipro different.
plenty of optional accessories
1.bluetooth remote controller
       There is a gimbal information display screen can real-time displays gimbal tilt and pan angle, and working mode, also the controller can switch modes and gimbal angle.
2.detachable mobile device holder
       This enables you to use your smartphone as a monitor to view a live image.
3.a quick-release extension rod
       The rod is made of high quality aluminium, strong and durable, quick-release design ,non-skid handle. It works with the gimbal perfectly and widen camera’s vision.
4.portable gimbal bag
       You can keep your gimbal, camera and accessories all together in the bag, it is elegant and strong. wrist strap
       It keeps the gimbal safe from accidental knocks, to secure the camera in any situation.